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The green green grass of home

Insulating your home will help keep it cool in summer and warmer in winter because insulation resists the flow of heat. Heat is a form of energy and will always seek a cooler area, flowing out of the home in the winter and into the home in the summer. Insulation creates a barrier and reduces heat flow, therefore a thermal insulated home requires less energy for heating and cooling and as a result you increase your energy efficiency.

As well as energy saving, home insulation also acts as a sound suppressor. Ceiling, roof or wall cavity insulation can reduce the transmission of sound from one room to another or from noise generated outside. In modern noise-laden environments, increasingly more homeowners are soundproofing their homes.

A well insulated home will increase the overall comfort of your home and add to its resale value. In today's times of rapidly rising energy costs, it pays now more then ever to insulate and live smart in an energy saving home.


Our Vision

Viridi Homes was founded in 2010 with a vision to offer the South African market a housing solution that will provide the masses with an energy saving environment that includes a quality lifestyle and an affordable home for long term investment.

Our vision has been developed into the most cost effective housing solution offering not only an upmarket and aesthetically pleasing home but a complete energy saving package that provides our client with peace of mind that their investment will provide long term savings both upfront and monthly with a building system that is damp-proof, fire-proof and bug proof and will last a life-time; that is many happy memories of family tradition.